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Mr. Bishop graduated from Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis in 1977. He was a journalist for the Indianapolis Star-Major Metropolitan Daily for more than thirteen (13) years. He was appointed as a Foreclosure Commissioner for the U.S. Department of Housing and Development. Mr. Bishop is a former U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee and a former member of the Board of the Marion County Republican Finance Committee. He is the father of two (2) adult children.

Representative Cases:

Hogan, et al. v. Congoleum Corporation, et al., Cause No. 95-038, Espitia, et al. v. Riley Power, Inc., et al., Cause No. 95-570 and Czizek, et al. v. Riley Power, Inc., et al., Cause No. 96-508.

Representative Clients:

American Family Insurance


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